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About Cobb County Remembrance Coalition

About CCRC

The Cobb County Remembrance Coalition (CCRC) was established in the spring of 2023 by a small team of Cobb residents interested in truth-telling, righting wrongs and healing the wounds of our past. Inspired by the Equal Justice Initiative’s (EJI) Community Remembrance Project, that small team has grown to include historians, educators, politicians, faith leaders, lawyers, judges, preservationists and community activists.

Our mission is to collaborate with the Cobb County community to memorialize victims of racial violence and foster meaningful dialogue about race and justice.

Since our inception, CCRC has meticulously followed EJI’s guidelines for establishing a coalition intent on memorializing the victims of racial injustice in our county including victims of racial terror lynchings. John Bailey is one such victim and he has been the focus of our work. Lynched in Cobb County in 1900, he is included in EJI’s National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama.

Guided by EJI and supported by the local community we plan to place a historic marker commemorating what happened to John Bailey.

Like EJI, we believe in the power of advancing justice through public history. That starts with local truth-telling, and acknowledging that understanding the era of racial terror is integral to facing today’s challenges, such as mass incarceration, excessive sentences, unjustified police violence and a presumption of guilt and dangerousness that disproportionately burdens people of color.

The CCRC cannot do this work alone. It must be a community-wide endeavor. We will encourage engagement and dialogue through activities designed to teach, activate, and heal. We appreciate your support along this journey.

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